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The World of Tarel

The Third Age, the Age of Humans, is soon coming to a close. For the past five hundred years, the Arjafa Empire had spread its outposts to every region on the continent of Brask: from the Kataran Wastes in the south; to the Iceflow Barrens in the north; to the Seven Gems, a chain of islands far off the western coast. After centuries of expansion the empire collapsed into war. Four major powers dominate in the post-Arjafa world: The Bastion of Arjafa, the Coalition of Independence, the Dragon Covenant, and the Dominion. But much of what was civilized by the empire has devolved into chaos. The kingdoms, nations or city-states which remain do what they can to protect those within their demesne but their reach does not extend far in these dark times.


The Campaign

The Campaign is an ongoing creation. I’ll be posting handouts, NPCs and other pertinent story matter under the following links for reference. The campaign arc is going to go from levels 5-30 with every five levels broken up into a chapter. Chapter 1 is reserved in case we decide to go back and have a prequel adventure.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

The Game

Every new campaign world has unique backgrounds, deities, powers and monsters. It’s also a place to put house rulings so that I can keep track of them for consistency.

PC Guide
The Players
House Rules

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